FinCity.Tokyo Project

Attraction U Project

FinCity.Tokyo (FCT) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) are working together to entice foreign Asset Management firms and FinTech companies, aiming to reinforce Tokyo as a Top Global Financial City.

Visual Alpha works with FCT and offers business launch support including planning, preparation, hiring, and launch execution for selected foreign Asset Management and Fintech companies, by collaborating with local service providers.

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Emerging Manager Program (EMP)

As part of Tokyo’s Global Financial City Initiative, FinCity.Tokyo has been actively nurturing newly established managers in Japan, facilitating their growth, and promoting them to asset owners. The EMP serves as a platform to connect these emerging managers with potential investors, fostering innovation and diversity in the financial industry.

Visual Alpha collaborates closely with FinCity.Tokyo to enhance the visibility of Japanese emerging managers in both domestic and overseas markets. Through research, interviews, matching events, and an annual conference, Visual Alpha actively promotes these emerging managers, enabling them to showcase their expertise and offerings to asset owners.

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Visual Alpha collaborates with FinCity.Tokyo to establish Tokyo as a Global Financial Hub, focusing on the Attraction U Project and Emerging Manager Program (EMP).