Content Automation

Content Automation Service

Tired of manually creating sales-pitch books and client reports? Visual Alpha’s Content Automation Service helps to generate highly customized materials for your portfolio with a few clicks. Our robust investment reporting data model can handle fragmented data sources, and automate content creation with cutting-edge cloud technology.

Produce Customized Contents in Seconds

Is your team producing a large number of customized contents for clients, such as reports, brochures or documents? Our service can revolutionize your workflow by automatically generating the complex custom materials within just a few clicks.

Automate Client Reports and Sales Materials

Our service converts your existing materials into dynamic templates. These templates are updated with the latest data on demand. Now, your sales and client reporting teams will be able to generate highly customized materials for clients with a few clicks.

Mobile Friendly Contents

Switch from old-fashioned PDF to responsive mobile friendly interface. Our service can produce mobile friendly web material at the same time. Not only does it provide clear readable content, it also eliminates the burden of printing and sending heavy paper reports.

Built-in Translation Engine

Need to localize your materials for overseas clients? Our built-in translation engine can help!

It supports 50+ languages with specialized dictionaries for financial markets and investment management. We can also train dedicated machine-learning models based on your needs for blazingly fast computer assisted translation.

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