Investment Consultants

Investment Consultant

Automate quantitative and qualitative data collection and perform complex calculations with our cloud services.

With Visual Alpha you will be able to monitor client portfolios, run reporting operations, and carry out advanced simulation analysis.

Streamline Client Reporting Operation

Data from asset managers is aggregated automatically through our advanced cloud platform.

The data points are easy to add and customize.

Calculation requirements can be changed according to your specific needs without worry.

On top of that, we can help to automate the final customized client report.

Enjoy an end-to-end client reporting operation at your fingertips with Visual Alpha.

Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Overall Portfolio Analysis

Asset Class Analysis

Product Analysis

Data Management

A Complete Data Solution

We handle any asset class, including traditional equity, fixed income, alternative funds such as hedge funds and private assets, and many more.

Our flexible robust reporting data model can add any custom data point easily.

With a few clicks easily import and export historical data.

Complete Investment Reporting Data Model


Asset Type


Investment Period

Innovative Cloud Service

Trusted Service Quality

Adopted by many institutional asset owners, consultants and asset managers, we constantly enhance our services to provide the best-in-class features to all our clients.

Easy to Integrate

Not only can all data be easily exported to Excel, we also provide an API for automated data integration.

Always Protected

We take top level industry standard measures to secure client information and data at all times.

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